Senior Care 101 Classes
Free one-hour classes designed for caregivers, family members and others who want answers to these questions:
  • How do I get started in planning for care?

  • What services and solutions are available?

  • What are the essential legal documents?

  • How can we pay for care?

  • What in-home care options are available?

  • How do we find the right care setting?

Regular monthly Senior Care 101 classes are currently offered online only (schedule).
Attend by Zoom video or phone.  Registration is FREE – call (877) 459-3627.

In addition to the regular monthly meetings, Senior Care 101 is also available as an in-person hosted event by invitation from your community organization, club, church, senior group, human resources department, caregiver support group, and many others.
If your organization is interested, please contact:

Carrie DeLaurie, LMFT
St. Jude Medical Center / Community Services

Daniel R. York, Attorney, Chair NOCSC
North Orange County Senior Collaborative
714-738-3400 or 714-930-5313

Mark L. McKibbin, Licensed Professional Fiduciary, Vice-Chair NOCSC
North Orange County Senior Collaborative