General Meeting 15 January 2019

Good Afternoon NOCSC Members and Friends:


Good Afternoon Friends and Members of NOCSC ~ Just a reminder that our first meeting of the year is tomorrow, Tuesday, 15 January from 8:30 – 10 a.m.  This year in addition to our 2018’s ‘Reducing Loneliness’ theme, we are looking at themes and ideas around technology resources and financial costs of the aging process.  The NOCSC Board has been discussing ideas that include:


  • Finding ways to educate families and caregivers on how to access and learn about the myriad new ways that technology is transforming the aging process and;
  • Various methods and options to consider in managing the financial changes that people are likely to encounter as they age.


As a part of the North Orange County Senior Collaborative, your input and suggestions are extremely valuable to us.  We look forward to a robust meeting discussing:


  • New local and federal legislative policies;
  • Focusing on educating the community on common misconceptions or ‘myths’ regarding senior care ~ what are some of the difficult questions that are posed to you by your clients (i.e., paying for care, housing, etc.);
  • Determining useful ways to implement our findings from the 2017 Loneliness Survey, and;
  • Projects that focus on the various Workgroups and upcoming Workgroup dates.


Bring your ideas and thoughts ~ see you in the morning!


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