Step-By-Step Physical Health For Seniors

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Physical health is a major concern for many aging Americans. Everyday Health shares the fifteen most common ailments for senior citizens. Are you interested in avoiding these ailments? The process is far simpler than you might think.

Rather than spending thousands of dollars on special doctors and equipment, focus on improving your physical health on a day-to-day basis using the following steps.


  1. Get regular exercise.


As children, we are told that daily exercise can make a huge difference when it comes to our future. This is true, but you don’t necessarily need to start when you’re young. It’s never too late to master a new habit.

Here’s some good news. If you’ve got a pup you walk regularly, you’re already ahead of the game. Walking a dog is actually one of the best ways for seniors to get exercise. Having a four-legged friend also has mental health benefits, such as offering more social opportunities and improving mood.

If you haven’t focused on daily exercise before, not to worry. There are many great ways to get started. Find an aerobics class or gym where you can strengthen your body. A simple swim, walk, or jog will do the trick. Learn more about exercise and fitness tips while you age through Help Guide.


  1. Never miss an appointment with your doctor.


While you don’t need to spend thousands of dollars on a specialist, you do need to meet with your primary care physician regularly. Missing these appointments can be seriously dangerous to your health, especially if you start making assumptions about what your body needs. Before making any final decisions about your physical health or needs, speak with a doctor. Your regular screenings will ensure your methods are working.


  1. Consider physical therapy, if necessary.


If you’ve faced a recent injury, consider going through physical therapy. The experts you’ll meet will be able to help keep your body safe and healthy at the same time. You’ll also gain confidence and strength as you work your way through the process. Physical therapy isn’t easy – but it will get you back on your feet and ready for the daily exercise you need to stay healthy. Not convinced? NIH Senior Health offers more information about the benefits of exercise for seniors.


  1. Be aware of the risks.


As a senior, you are more susceptible to mental illness. This doesn’t mean you should hide in a corner and avoid the real world. It means you should be aware of the risks, should you choose not to focus on your physical health. Daily exercise and healthy habits can decrease your risk of developing depression and even addiction.

Healthy physical activities for seniors above the age of sixty-five include walking, dancing, gardening, hiking, swimming, cycling, or household chores. You can also take part in games, sports, or community activities. While you should have more than two hours of physical activity each week, you should focus on twenty to twenty-five minutes of activity each day. Read more about recommended levels of physical activity for seniors through the World Health Organization.


  1. Maintain frequent and healthy physical habits.


The most important thing you can do while attempting to improve your physical health is to develop daily habits. These habits will become second nature to you, making them easier to accomplish on a regular basis. For example, if you have trouble with daily exercise, make a morning walk your newest habit. Once you’ve gone for a morning walk ten days in a row, you’ll start to feel obligated. This is how great, and healthy, habits are formed.

You can also use the ten-day rule to break bad habits. If you still eat too much sugar or sodium on a daily basis, try to decrease your consumption for ten days. You’ll find your appetite for junk food has significantly decreased.

Mastering new physical habits as a senior can be hard, but not impossible. Focus on your physical health and improve your outlook for the future.


Author: Jason Lewis

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