World Elder Abuse Event 2017 Resources

12 Simple Steps To Protect From Cyber Elder  Abuse Power Point

Cyber_Awareness_Security_SSA_Event Power Point


Twelve Simple Steps to Protect Yourself From Cyber Elder Abuse

(1) Request a copy of your free credit report at:           877-322-8228

(2) Remove your name / email address from direct mail lists, internet or email

adds. Mail a request to: DMA Mail Preference  Service,  P. O. Box #643,

Carmel, NY  10512   /  Or log on to:

(3) Place your name on the “Do Not Call” list ~ this will need to be updated

quarterly.  From the phone number you are registering, call:         888-382-1222

(4) Remove the name of deceased individuals from mailing lists. Sign up at:

(5) Opt out of pre-approved credit offers           888-567-8688

(6) If using social networking sites, such as FaceBook, read the privacy policy and

avoid posting personal and private information that may inadvertently alert

scammers to your family information, whereabouts, income level or possessions.

(7) Regularly apply system updates on all of your devices when you are prompted

by your device to do so. This adds another level of security to your phone,

computer, tablet, etc.

(8) Don’t give control of your device to a third party who calls you out of the blue

to tell you “something’s wrong”.

(9) Do not rely on Caller ID alone to authenticate a caller. Criminals can spoof

caller ID numbers and they may appear to be calling from a legitimate

company or local number when they may not even be in the same country as

you are.

(10) Never provide your password, credit card, Social Security Number, personal or

financial information to someone who calls and claims to be from tech or fraud

support. No legitimate organization will ask you for this information.

(11) Lastly, criminals routinely rely on fear to deceive and manipulate you.

 Immediately suspect a crime if you feel confused or wary about a cyber or

internet device communication ~ Trust Your Instincts ~ CHECK IT OUT

Before You Respond!

(12) If you or someone you know may have been victimized by a cyber fraudster,

 please submit a complaint to the Federal Bureau of Investigation IC3   (FBI Internet                                  Crime  Complaint Center) at:   or

                                          WHEN IN DOUBT . . . REACH OUT!